how to check fake reviews on amazon

check fake reviews on amazon

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As you should now expect, Amazon Prime Day stretches well beyond the conventional definition of a single day, with discounts landing online a few weeks ahead of the official start date, and then the proper sale lasting two days. For example, the 2022 sale started at just-gone midnight on July 12 and finished at midnight on July 13. The general trend has been to give all you shoppers as long as possible to grab all the deals your clicking finger can collect, so we wouldn't be surprised if it was another two-day sale next year. A new year brings a new opportunity to save a boatload of cash on all those must-have items, as we inch closer to Amazon's budget-busting sale, Prime Day 2023. If you've had your eye on a new fitness tracker to work on that last-minute summer bod or hunting for a new smartphone to replace your smashed and bashed current one, the Prime Day sale is arguably your best time of year (outside the even larger Black Friday sales) to snag as many deals and discounts as your bank balance can cope with.

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This wariness should raise a few red flags for business owners. First and foremost, if your target demographic falls within the 18-34 age group, your immediate concern may (rightly) be that earning their trust and their dollars is going to be an uphill struggle. After all, when it's universally understood that reviews are critical to the consumer purchase process, how do you bridge the gap when reviews are deemed to be fake so frequently? Consumer trust in online reviews is at an all-time high. They are a vital tool in the decision making process with a strong review profile having clear financial benefits for local businesses. Reviews are now so important, both to sales and to SEO, that fake reviews are becoming more prevalent. This raises several issues for businesses and consumers alike, with consumers increasingly likely to be faced with fake reviews and businesses increasingly being placed at a disadvantage if they don't join unscrupulous competitors in buying or faking reviews to win visibility on review platforms and e-commerce sites.

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